ARRR Newsletter

Dear Friends,
          Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D., had a vision - A vision to see Past Life Regression reach the peaks of popularity. He embarked on a mission to increase awareness throughout the world about Past Life Regression and its benefits. He realized that to achieve his vision and mission, it is essential to have a global platform of like-minded people who share a common passion for Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and Reincarnation Research. This is how the Association For Regression And Reincarnation Research (ARRR) was born. Dr. Newton, who is the Founder and President of ARRR set a target of getting recognition from the medical community for Past Life Regression as a valid form of therapy by the year 2014.
          This seemed like a very ambitious target to many, and as we neared the end of 2013, even the ARRR team members began wondering how this could be achieved, as we seemed to have made little progress in that direction. However, as we already know, ‘When you really want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ Then came the news that India’s premier medical institution, The All India Institute Of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), invited Dr. Newton to deliver a lecture and present a 2-day post conference workshop (13th & 14th January 2014) on ‘Spiritual And Cognitive Science’ at the International Conference on ‘Multidisciplinary Healthcare’ (ICMH), New Delhi.
          The lecture and workshop, which was essentially on Past Life Regression Therapy, evoked tremendous response from the delegates who attended, most of whom were medical doctors. Many doctors expressed keen interest in helping to increase awareness about Past Life Regression.
          Another significant achievement is ARRR collaboration with WCRT5! Yes, ARRR is now a promotional partner of the 5th World Congress for Regression Therapy, which is being conducted from 4th to 8th October 2014 at Portugal. As result of this, Life Members and Patrons of ARRR will get 10% discount not only for the annual conventions (PLRCs) conducted by ARRR, but also for WCRT5.
          The 5th World Congress will honor the contribution of Roger Woolger to the field of Past Life Regression by having as its theme: “Mind healing Body, Body healing Mind in Regression Therapy”. This theme hopes to reveal and present:
•  The interaction between body and mind
•  How regression therapy sessions affect and modify the physiology of the body
•  How the pain from an accident is imprinted as a body memory and stays for years
• How traumatic events affect and cause somatic scars or imprint that continue through many lifetimes
•  How the symptoms disappear after regression therapy
•  Research that explains this phenomenon
•  What medical and psychology fields tell us about it
•  What advances in neuroscience can help to understand the effects of regression therapy
          IARRT, International Association for Regression Research & Therapies, Inc., is now closed.  IARRT was a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the acceptance and use of professional and responsible past-life regression through education, association and research. We need to respond to the closing of
IARRT in the same the way as we should respond to the death of a wise grandparent. We need to carry on the legacy of IAART by drawing inspiration from the ideals and wisdom of its founders and of those who played a vital role in helping it create such a tremendous impact globally.
          Under the wise and able leadership of Founder President, Dr. Newton Kondaveti and the dedicated support of energetic and dynamic office bearers and members, ARRR is ready to not just step into the shoes of IARRT, but to expand the field of Past Life Regression way beyond anything that has been attempted till now.
          IARRT has given us an opportunity to make available, it’s journals from experts in this field, to the members of ARRR. For this, we need your support. The cost of procuring all the 25 journals and a first edition book is $1000 USD (Rs.62,000). The Sponsor would automatically become a Patron; as Patron membership is minimum of Rs.50,000.
          There is more to come! The highlight of this year will be – PLRC4 (The 4th Past Life Regression Convention of the ARRR), which will be conducted on 9th & 10th of August 2014 at Hotel Radisson Blu, Pune. The keynote speakers at PLRC4 will be Dr. Newton Kondaveti along with co-presenter Dr. Lakshmi, and Dr. Chet B. Snow along with co-presenter Kallista Snow. It will be of great interest to know that Dr. Chet Snow is one of the pioneers of Past Life Regression as well as Future Life Progression. He is the co-author of the groundbreaking book on Future Life Progression, ‘Mass Dreams Of The Future’.
          The theme of PLRC1 was Know Thyself, PLRC2 was Evolution and PLRC3 was Integration, what could be the theme of PLRC4? It’s Transformation! When we look at the themes of the conventions, it is self-explanatory that each and every being in this universe is bound to go through all these phases one after the other. First, one needs to Know the self, which leads to evolution of self. Not every person who is evolved, knows their potential until, they integrate everything in order to experience a profound Transformation! Hats off to the Founder and President of ARRR, Dr. Newton Kondaveti, for his awesome thoughtfulness of thoughtlessness! I now wonder, what would be the theme of PLRC5? Alas! We need to wait for one more year to know!
          We also have: A two-day pre-convention workshop on 7th & 8th of August by Dr. Chet & Kallista Snow
          On Beyond the Veil: Exploring Past & Future Lives and Universal Sound
          And a one-day post-convention workshop on 11th August, by Dr. Rahul Malushte & Dr. Tamanna Chellani.
          ARRR is also forming Indian and International Advisory Boards, in which experts from India and other countries respectively can join. With their guidance and support, together we can take Past Life Regression to its rightful place in the world. We are glad to inform that Andy Tomlinson and Adrian Finkelstein have already accepted our invitation to join the International Advisory Board. We look forward to others who will be joining us soon.
          The year 2014 looks to be a very promising one, and we are excited about the prospects for growth and expansion in the field of Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and Reincarnation Research.
We invite you to join us in this shift…
Join PLRC4… Share, Spread, Gain…
                We thank one and all for their wonderful contribution to this soul satisfying work.