Newsletter April 2012

My Dear Friends,

Welcome to this Newsletter on the activities of the Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR). ARRR has been launched to serve as a common platform to increase awareness, interaction, sharing, collaboration and research in the areas of Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and Reincarnation studies. Its purpose is to take the work in these fields to the next level. ARRR is working to see that Past Life Regression Therapy gets its due as one of the most powerful therapies and ensure its integration into mainstream medical practice.
The association consists of persons who:
  • Are interested in Past Life Regression, Future Progression & Reincarnation 
  • Have personal experiences of Past Life Regression / Future Progression
  • Have benefitted from Past Life Regression / Future Progression
  • Are facilitating Past Life Regression / Future Progression
  • Wish to become Past Life Regression Therapists
  • Are conducting research on Reincarnation
  • Are looking for Spiritual Experiences

PLRC2 - 2nd Past Life Regression and Convention

After the phenomenal success of the 1st Past Life Regression Convention (PLRC1) at Hyderabad, we were flooded with congratulatory mails and testimonials. Many people could not attend it due to the relatively short notice. Most of the participants at PLRC1 suggested that the next convention could be of 3 days duration so that we can give all the speakers enough time to present their wisdom and give practical demonstrations of their techniques. The other most common suggestion was to make the event a residential one.
We now have some wonderful news for all of you! The dates for PLRC2 have been finalized. PLRC2 will be held from 3rd to 5th August 2012 at Pragati Herbal Garden Resort, a beautiful resort set amid a lush green expanse of 85 acres of herbal forest in the vicinity of Hyderabad. With over 3 months notice, we look forward to all of you blocking these dates on your calendars now itself!
In addition to Dr. Newton & Dr. Lakshmi, PLRC2 will feature two guest speakers who have done pioneering work in the field of Past Life Regression. We are pleased to inform you that Andy Tomlinson from UK and Christine Alisa from USA will be the guest keynote speakers this time. Andy Tomlinson has worked with pioneers like Roger Woolger and Milton Erickson, and brings with him a wealth of experience in the field. Christine Alisa is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Past Life Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner who has been in private practice for 25 years. She is a Past Life Therapist and Advanced Teacher in the Netherton Method of Past Life Therapy.

Pre-convention and Post-convention workshops
Christine Alisa will present a two-day pre-convention workshop on 1st and 2nd August. And Andy Tomlinson will present a two-day post-convention workshop on 6th and 7th August.
Participants can look forward to a whole week of fun and learning. So make your plans, block your dates and book the tickets now.
Practitioner's Meet

Since the launch of the ARRR, we have been encouraging PLR practitioners in different cities in India to meet regularly to share their experiences, to form study groups to take up activities that increase their skills and to network with fellow practitioners. This initiative has received a very enthusiastic response, and Practitioners Meets were held in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad, there was one meet every month starting December 2011. Those who attended felt that such meets are the best way to stay in touch with the subject and to evolve as PLR practitioners. Shortly, we will be launching a calendar section in the ARRR website wherein all such events in India will be posted. Members will be able to post details about the meets well in advance and this will increase awareness and participation levels. 
In the 1st Therapist Meet, Dr. Newton explained a new concept called ‘Surrogate Past Life Regression’
A Regression can be performed for a Land/property. A surrogate can be someone who is close to the land; a person who can tune into it, who works in that land.
Person who is going through the surrogate PLR session can clear the stuck energies and get insights and solutions.
For an organization, an employee who is willing to go through a session can release the group baggage. That person can take the message to the people of the organization.
A mother can be a surrogate for a child. She is regressed and taken to the time of pregnancy. The negative energy can be released so that the child does not carry that emotion.
In the 2nd Therapist Meet, he spoke about Howard's Laws of Human Worth:
1. All have infinite, internal, eternal, and unconditional worth as persons.
2. All have equal worth as people. Worth is not comparative or competitive. Although you might be better at sports, academics or business and I might be better in social skills, we both have equal worth as human beings.
3. Externals neither add to nor diminish worth. Externals like money, looks, performance, and achievements. These only increase one's market or social worth. Worth as a person, however, is infinite and unchanging.
4. Worth is stable and never in jeopardy (even if someone rejects you).
5. Worth doesn't have to be earned or proved. It already exists. Just recognize, accept, and appreciate it.
Few other points from the 3rd Therapist meet are quoted below:
You don’t need to be in a trance to see past lives. Trance state is just a belief. Sometimes trance is a myth.
Dr. Newton shared one of his dreams in which he saw a walking method of regression. Thereafter he successfully used that technique for a client, the very next day.
Therapists can work through non-hypnotic methods for Autistic, mentally challenged children, etc. They get regressed through sessions but can’t express. So, if the therapist can connect completely with the child and understand the process the child is going through, it is possible to take sessions. Change can be observed after sometime.
Power animals can be used to help during a session.
If a person has had organ transplantation, the body tries to reject it. To help clients who are going through such trauma, make them relax and ask them to accept that new body part first. Once the body part has been accepted, if necessary, you can go further deep. Also, teach them Ana Pana Sati Meditation.

Life Counseling Centers - A Life Change Initiative

ARRR is in the process of opening Life Counseling Centers in different parts of India. Free Counseling and Past Life Regression Sessions will be provided to the people in need. ARRR welcomes volunteers for this task.

ARRR Certification

Another initiative that will be taken up in 2012 is to create the framework for training and certifying Past Life Regression professionals. This will set the standards for practice, train professionals to achieve these standards and certify them. This will ensure that people feel more confident when they seek the services of Past Life Regression Professionals.

ARRR Website

The ARRR website contains information about Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and Reincarnation and updates about the activities of ARRR. It contains an exclusive Members’ Area with valuable resources. We are now working on increasing the information available in the website as well as giving it a new look. We welcome your feedback.

Quaterly Magazine "ETERNAL LIFE TIMES"

The quarterly magazine from ARRR ‘Eternal LIFE TIMES’ will continue to publish case studies, transformation and healing experiences, validated past life recall experiences, research papers, information on workshops and programs, updates on latest happenings in the fields of Past Life Regression, Future Progression and Reincarnation Research. We welcome articles and Research Papers in these fields. Other than the mail ID, we now have a separate ID for our Eternal Life Times, Now you can send your articles and suggestions about the magazine to this ID.

We welcome one and all to join the ARRR movement and work together to achieve our goal of:
‘Official Recognition of Past Life Regression as a valid form of therapy by the year 2014’
Dr. Newton Kondaveti
Founder President
Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR)