Newsletter April 2013

Pre-convention Workshops
Andy Tomlinson will conduct a two-day pre-convention workshop on 15th & 16th August on ‘Using Body Therapy in Past and Current Life Regression’ & Dr. Adrian Finkelstein will conduct a two-day pre-convention workshop on Healing through Present and Past Lives by a Practical Self-Discovery & Self-Help Spiritual Guide
PLR Facilitators’ Meets
On 26th January 2013, there was a PLR Facilitators’ Meet at Life Research Academy, Hyderabad, on Multi-dimensional perspective towards Past-lives. Dr. Newton spoke about the need to realize the greater truth of past life memories and reincarnation in a multidimensional approach. The following are the important points:
  • Current life of a soul could be influenced by the following factors/dimensions:
  • Current life – people around their life. 
  • Childhood memories. 
  • Womb state influences 
  • From their past lives
  • Their soul group 
  • Masters / guides 
  • Parallel Lives
  • Future lives 
  • Transgenerational Life influences 
Significance of the above factors:
  • When looked from a different dimension or plane, the Past can be future or even our future can be our present or past.
  • Even if a therapist taps one of the approaches it would be fine. 
  • Using these 9 dimensions, therapist can come to know how a soul chooses. 
  • Importance of Inner-child therapy: 
  • Importance of deconditioning the childhood blocks 
  • Need to embrace the inner-child 
  • Major influences or childhood blocks: 
(I) Relationships 
(ii) Childhood incidents 
(iii) Inutero incidents 
(iv) Past life influences 
3. Mind over matter influence: 
  • The influences of matter over mind is 1% 
  • The influences of mind over matter is 99% 
Thus the impact of physical things over our non-physical life is less or negligible but there is more wandering of thoughts in clearing this by various diversions like astrological, vaasthu consultations etc. The awareness of people needs to be directed towards the influence of mind over matter, and the solutions need to be based on this, not the other way around.
4. PLRC3 will be conducted this year at Gurgaon on 17th & 18th August 2013.
5. Few other points discussed: 
  • Dream Symbology: complete decoding of dreams may not be possible. Dream is a multi dimensional reality. 
  • With PLR we are not meddling with karmic forces. We only facilitate, as in most cases clients approach only when they are ready. 
  • Earth is not just a school but also an examination hall. 
  • Violent souls will have their own consequences. 
  • Violation of any kind goes against the law of the universe. 
  • Any early death is a sacrifice for some reason. 
  • Limiting concepts about spirituality need to be avoided. 
  • 2012 – year of significance. From now, future is our reference. 
6. Books suggested: 
(1) Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment by Jane Roberts 
(2) Miracles Happen by Brian Weiss 
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