Newsletter January 2014

Dear Friends,
Happy New Year 2014 to one and all! The Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR) presents, the most awaited gathering, the annual occasion where all the researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts of PLR celebrate sharing the knowledge and experiencing the wisdom together: our 4th Past Life Regression Convention - PLRC4!!!
Having the theme of PLRC1 as Know Thyself, PLRC2, Evolution and PLRC3 as Integration, what else could be the theme of PLRC4? It’s Transformation! When we look at the themes of the conventions, it is self-explanatory that each and every being in this universe is bound to go through all these phases one after the other. First, one needs to Know the self, which leads to Evolution of self. Not every person who is evolved, knows their potential until, they Integrate everything in order to experience Transformation! Hats off to ARRR Founder & President, Dr. Newton Kondaveti, for his awesome thoughtfulness of thoughtlessness! (I now wonder, what would the theme be for PLRC5? Alas! We need to wait for one more year to know!)
It is our immense pleasure to announce that for this wonderful 4th convention, we have also chosen one of the most beautiful places in India, Pune.
And now, here comes the best part; we will be able to spend, not just two days but a total of four days with these amazing world renowned pioneers of Past Life Regression, Dr. Newton Kondaveti & Dr. Lakshmi, Dr. Chet B. Snow & Kallista Snow. Dr. Newton & Dr. Lakshmi will give a Keynote Lecture on 'Past Life Regression - A Transformative Science'.
The main convention, PLRC4 is for two days and we also have an amazing two-day pre-convention workshop by Chet & Kallista Snow. The dates are as follows:
7th & 8th August 2014: Pre-Convention Workshop by Dr. Chet B. Snow & Kallista Snow
9th & 10th August 2014: PLRC4 Main convention 
Be a Presenter at PLRC4
PLRC4 is looking for new, interesting and genuine research work on Past Life Regression. If you wish to be a Presenter at PLRC4, please go through the Criteria and Conditions, and submit the Proposal Form.
We hereby officially announce the launch of PLRC4 and invite you to join us in the fun, learning and of course, Transformation!
Registrations are open!
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We have reached a major landmark with membership crossing the 100 mark. As on date we have 116 members including Founder Members, Life Members and Annual Members.
“As members of ARRR and supporters of Past Life Regression, we wish that you work towards making ARRR a successful association. We await your response in the form of articles, case studies, transformation experiences and suggested content for Members’ Area. Our ARRR president, Dr. Newton has done his job by initiating the association with active board members, reaching out to world-renowned pioneers and organizing annual conventions. What more do we need? Now it’s time for us to take this forward and make it feel ‘Worth it!’ Let us now own up the work, own up the job of spreading the word, about the association and about Past Life Regression, so that generation to come will not have to depend upon medicines for everything. Let’s plant this seed, even if we might or might not be able to sit under the shade of the tree. Let’s join hands and create our present and future together!”