Newsletter July 2013

Theme: Evolution
Past Life Regression is one of the most powerful new age tools for healing, transformation and evolution. In the year 2013, with the earth having entered the Golden Age of its evolution, it is therefore appropriate that the theme of PLRC3 is Evolution.

PLRC3 features
• World renowned pioneers in Past Life Regression as the Keynote Speakers
• 12 experts, who will share their skills through 2-hour mini workshops
• 4 experts, who will present short research papers

Pre-convention workshops
Andy Tomlinson will conduct a two-day pre-convention workshop on 15th & 16th August on ‘Using Body Therapy in Past and Current Life Regression’.
Dr. Adrian Finkelstein will conduct a two-day pre-convention workshop on 15th & 16th August onHealing through Present and Past Lives by a Practical Self-Discovery & Self-Help Spiritual Guide

PLR Facilitators meet
During the PLR Facilitators meet on 1st June 17, 2013 at Life Research Academy, Hyderabad, Dr. Newton elaborated shared his insights about the importance of ‘presence’ during sessions. He said that ‘presence’ enables us to ‘hold the space’ to facilitate the healing and transformation that the clients experience as a result of the Past Life Regression sessions. He elaborated the word ‘Presence’ by using it as an acronym for the various aspects that create the complete state of ‘presence’. The complete state of presence of the facilitator (being fully present with Mind, Body and Soul) has a positive effect on the quality of session.

Acronym for PRESENCE:

P - Purity – Here, purity refers to raising the purity of one’s consciousness. Any impure thought is a distracting thought. Purity is a state of being where the qualities of innocence and original essence shine. Impurity on the other hand refers to any conflict, any judgmental or stressful thought. Just pure presence offers pure consciousness. Purity is a non- dual state. We all possess Purity – The Buddha Nature; we just need to awaken it.

R - Respect - Respect the moment; being fully in the present. If you take others for granted, then you are not respecting the moment. Respect the moment; do not take the moment for granted. Respecting the moment when you are with another person will influence the relationships in a positive way. The quality of a session is affected by how much we respect each moment when we are with the client.

E - Energy – Our presence is influenced by energy, which can either be fear based energy or love based energy / compassionate energy. It is important to pay attention to what energy you are in. Anxiety to give a very good session, and trying too much, may not produce good results if we are in a state of energy that is fear-based. Anything may emerge from the session. By being open to all possibilties, and letting the session be guided by love-based energy, you influence the quality of the session in a very positive way.

S - Strength – By being fearful inside, one cannot trust the process. During a session we are constantly in contact with invisible energy fields. Cultivation of inner strength influences our presence.

E - Enlivement – This beautiful word was coined by Tim Freke in his book ‘Mystery Experience’. Every moment is a mystery, and Enlivement is “Living the Enlightenment”. It is the yardstick for enlightenment - a measure of how much of our inner wisdom we bring into our real life. It influences our presence. Christ never talked about enlightenment. He only talked about soulful living. We need to bring the small things that we learnt into the present moment, and live them.

N – Newness – Every moment can be creative. Our newness brings new methods. Anything that is old needs to be replaced with something that is new. Look at everything with new eyes. It’s time to say good-bye to old stereotypic ways. Tap into new ways. Facilitate the session in way that will enhance perception.

C - Compassion – Compassion is the highest form of love. Compassion can melt big rocks. One needs to have a compassionate heart. By just looking into your eyes and gestures, others will be able to sense the compassion. Compassion is dormant in all of us. We need to activate it.

E - Essence – You are the essence. One needs to be aligned with essence every moment. One can be identified with essence. It’s the aroma, the fragrance of you. Bring your essence into every session.
Be determined to practice what you are realizing. Practice presence in every moment, not only during the sessions.

The whole concept of PRESENCE emerged during two wonderful workshops offered recently by Children’s Life University (CLU) team.


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