ARRR Office Bearers

Name: Dr. K. Newton, M.D
Designation: President, ARRR
Occupation: Founder, Life Research Academy

A medical Doctor by profession and an Enlightened Hi-tech Guru by choice, he is on a mission to see everyone become an Enlightened Master and ‘Spiritualize Planet Earth’. Working towards that Vision, he developed many methods of holistic healing that focuses on brining about inner-awareness, understanding and integration. He formed Life Research Academy in the year 2000 and Life University in 2010. Another significant step was when he launched The Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR), of which he is the Founder President. He is acknowledged as one of the Pioneers in the field of Past Life Regression. Fondly called the ‘Smiling Buddha’, Dr. Newton’s hallmark is providing an unconditional and loving space for everyone who seeks his guidance.

Name: Dr. Lakshmi G V, M.B.B.S.
Designation: Vice President, ARRR
Occupation: Founder, Life Research Academy

A medical doctor and a passionate advocate of Vegetarianism and Spiritual Parenting, she has been a constant companion of Dr. Newton since 1987, sharing his interest in Meditation, Past Life Regression and alternative healing. She’s ever-smiling, and is the person to go to for direct, practical answers for questions regarding Spiritual Living. Her Mission is to spread the message of Love, Compassion and Companionship with Animals and has brought out a website and a magazine ‘Voice of the Animals’, to increase awareness about the need for kinship with the Animal and Plant Kingdoms. She is the co-founder of Life Research Academy & Life University, and is the Vice President of the Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR).

Name: Mrs. Meena Tiwari
Designation: Joint Vice President
Occupation: Managing Director, Pragya Vision Pvt. Ltd.

Mrs. Meena Tiwari, a renowned name in the media industry, owns the first and only 24 hour Wellness Television Channel Pragya catering to an audience from all age groups and in all wellness segments. Pragya is truly a vision of Mrs. Meena Tewari and just one of the examples of her ability to put things together against many odds. Pragya was launched in 2007 breathing freshness into millions of lives with its pioneering presence in holistic Wellness. Every effort in Pragya is driven by the belief that only an awakened self can create an awakened society. As a highly evolved and balanced person, Mrs. Meena Tewari believes in the philosophy of ‘No religion is higher than humanity’.

Name: Rajashekhar Potluri, B.E. (Hons) - Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Designation: Secretary
Occupation: Co-Founder Life Research Academy

Though an engineer by profession, he transformed into a Spiritual Scientist and believes that Spiritual Science is the bridge between Science and Spirituality. His goal is to provide a greater understanding to the world regarding the nature of our multidimensional reality. He is a Co-Founder of Life Research Academy and a Founder Member and Secretary of the Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR). He and Sridevi are the pillars of strength for Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi, ensuring the smooth running of Life Research Academy and the Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research.

Name: Dr. Trupti Jayin, Clinical Psychologist
Designation: Joint Secretary
Occupation: Independent Consultant

A Clinical Psychologist, she has specialized in in many different psychotherapeutic techniques. She works closely with many different NGOs and Psychiatrists and her healing work, through Past Life Therapy, has been appreciated by the medical fraternity. Her show ‘Raaz Pichle Janam Ka’, was a huge success and served to popularize and spread the knowledge of Past Life Regression.

Name: Dr. Soumya Rao, MRCPsych, UK
Designation: Joint Secretary
Occupation: Independent Consultant

She completed her medical school training in the year 2000 from Bangalore University, and subsequently worked as a resident in NIMHANS, Bangalore in the de-addiction center for substance misuse. This was her stepping stone to train eventually in psychiatry. She seamlessly integrates Psychiatry with Past Life Regression and other forms of healing modalities.

Name: Hitesh Vashisht
Designation: Treasurer
Occupation: Independent Consultant

A Management Professional by education and a Healer by passion. For Hitesh, life is all about being natural. Since childhood, he has always been a seeker for Ananda as outside joy would not make much difference to him. Having worked exceptionally well as a Human Resource Professional for 8 years, he chose to walk differently for his heart calling to work in the field of healing, writing, counseling & training. Adept in different healing modalities like Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing & Re-birthing Breathwork, he works with individuals and groups in searching deeper meanings of life. His belief lies not in the length but depth of experience.

Hitesh considers his union with his twin self, Shubhangi, as one of the best gifts that he could ever add in his life plan.

Name: Dr. Beena Rani Goel, MDS
Designation: Founder Member
Occupation: Chairperson, Healthcare Trust, Belgaum

Prof. Beena Rani Goel, born in Kerala, studied dentistry in her home state and went onto specialize in the field of Endodontics. She taught dentistry in dental schools for about 30 years and is a well known and recognized specialist in her filed in India and abroad. Her interest in spirituality drove her to learn Reiki in 1997. She became a Reiki master in the year 2000. In 2008 she joined and completed her certificate course in Past Life Regression Therapy from Hyderabad. She carefully divides her time between Endodontics, Reiki and PLR, and has helped many through these her compassion and skills.

Name: Dr (Mrs) Leena S. Bahrani, M.B,B.S(Bom), M.D.(Psy.)
Designation: Founder Member
Occupation: Independent Consultant

Dr. Leena Bahrani is a Clinical Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist, practicing at Andheri, Mumbai for the last 27 years. For the past 10 years she has been practicing different Meditative Techniques and Age Regression and for the last 5 Years she has been also practicing Past Life Regression and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Name: Dr. Jayesh Shah, M.D. Homoeopathy
Designation: Founder Member
Occupation: Independent Consultant

A practicing homoeopathic Doctor, he is internationally popular in the homoeopathic community for his teaching skills and sharing of creative insights through his work. He has authored the book called ‘Into the periodic table’ where he has shared his insights into the mineral kingdom consciousness through profound cases healed under his treatment, with patients from all over the world. He has closely collaborated with Dr. Rajan Sankaran in path-breaking clinical research and developments in Homoeopathy. He integrates Past Life regression and other healing modalities with Homeopathy.