PLR Facilitators at LRA

Akila Jaikumar


Past Life Regression Facilitator , PLR Therapist Trainer & President and Director at Bodhtree Consulting Ltd

Akila Jaikumar studied in Karnataka and passed out with a PhD in Materials Science from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. She worked as a scientist in Central Scientific Instruments Organization, a CSIR laboratory in Chandigarh for 6 years after which her husband, who is a retired Army Officer, was posted in Hyderabad.

It was here that she switched her career path and began afresh in the Information Technology industry. She has over 20 years of experience in this field. Her last assignment was as President and Director in Bodhtree Consulting Ltd, Hyderabad.

She was given a book of Dr. Brian Weiss - Many Lives Many Masters by a friend in 2001. She read an article about Dr. Newton in the Deccan Chronicle in 2004. Hence her spiritual journey started.

She attended the PLR Therapist Training in Dec 2006. She also attended the Rebirthing Breath-work Retreat training in June 2008.

She conducts PLR sessions at Life Research Academy, since Aug 2007.

All knowledge, all wisdom, all memories are within each person. PLR is a means to tap into this storehouse of information. The process is directed by the individual soul, with the therapist acting as a facilitator. The insights gained help in greater understanding and profound, long lasting transformation. Each session gives her useful information too. It is a fascinating journey.

Kiran Anumalasetty


Past Life Regression Facilitator , Trainer & Software Engineer

Kiran Anumalasetty is a Past Life Regression Facilitator trained by Dr. Newton Kondaveti. He is a Software Engineer by profession with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. He has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from JNTU Kakinada in 1999.

His interest in Past Life therapy was triggered when he first met Dr. Newton at the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists in 2009. During a future life progression session conducted by Dr. Newton, Kiran experienced his Future Self as a pure form of Love. For him this experience opened new doors of understanding towards his own Self.

Thereafter he attended several Training Programs and Workshops conducted by Dr. Newton. He completed his Six day training program on Past Life Regression in the year 2011 and obtained the Past Life Regression Therapist Certification from Life Research Academy in 2014.

He is extremely passionate about Past Life Regression and the immense possibilities it offers for an individual to awaken to their Healing Potential. He is interested in learning, researching and integrating the research into therapy work to create new and innovative approaches for faster, effective and sustained healing. He has been conducting regular one to one sessions at Life Research Academy since May 2012.

Kiran has presented several mini-workshops at the Past Life Regression Conventions (PLRCs) conducted by the Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR). He is also equally passionate about teaching and conducting workshops through which he wants to witness people awakening to their True Self and feeling empowered enough to bring a change in their lives.

Aditya Dutta


Past Life Regression Facilitator & PLR Therapist Trainer

Aditya Dutta is a Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator, trained by Dr. Newton Kondaveti.

Born in West Bengal, he lived in many parts of India because of his father’s transferable Job. After completing Computer Applications, he worked in the IT industry for 8 years. He resigned from this job for the passion of working full-time with Regression Therapy. He is also pursuing MSc in Psychology and holds a Master Degree in Indian Classical Instrumental Music.

He was inclined towards spirituality from a very young age. Being an aloof child he had many questions almost about everything. Born in a loving family, his mother taught him connection and his father encouraged freedom. Since early childhood he suffered from a Gender Identity Disorder, which led to feelings of intense guilt and depression. Looking for answers he consulted a number of Doctors, visited different spiritual institutions and met a number of people. The year 2008 was a remarkable year in his life when he met his mentor Dr. Newton Kondaveti and his friend Sandeep Jagdhane who have been great pillars of guidance and support for him.

After 10 days of the workshop with Dr. Newton, he went through an intense Out of Body experience, which shattered his skeptical mind and he believed that there existed something very powerful beyond his limited understanding. This experience followed with a spontaneous recall of over 100 past life memories. These experiences highly changed his perception to understand himself and the world around him. This was the starting point for many exciting journeys for him. He feels blessed to have been in the presence of many great seen and unseen masters, who have been guiding his path.

He did his Past Life Regression Therapy Basic workshop in the year 2008, and then completed Past Life Regression Therapy training in 2009. He got his Certification in Past Life Regression therapy in the year 2011 from Life Research Academy. He also went through Rebirthing Breath-work training in the year 2010 and was trained in Inner Child Therapy in the year 2012.

He has accumulated an experience of around 7 years in this field and he has conducted over 1500 one-to-one sessions. He was a presenter in the 2nd Past Life Regression Convention (PLRC2), organized by ARRR. He joined Life Research Academy in the year 2012 as a full time therapist. Each session opens up doors to the unknown, and the possibilities of learning are infinite. Sessions have been elevating his awareness, and he felt many different states of consciousness during the various sessions conducted by him. All his clients have been great teachers to him. He feels highly grateful for this work which offers him the opportunity to know himself and serve better.

Shuchita Paliwal believes that spirituality is an inherent aspect of our being. Hence it is always within us and each one of us chooses to express & experience it in our own unique or preferred way(s); and she has been actively connected with this aspect of self through a form of questioning awareness since childhood and through meditation since the year 2001.

She is from New Delhi and now settled in Hyderabad. She always had a passion for travelling, exploring the unknown, understanding different cultures, people and their lives. Hence she did her MBA (travel management) and worked with the best in the field; but the mainstream job left a deep void within and then to seek an understanding of deeper questions and meaning in life, she began her journey into the field of Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Rebirthing Breathwork & Family Constellation; under the aegis of Dr. Newton Kondaveti & Dr. Lakshmi.

Shuchita has been taking sessions for individuals & groups since the year 2008; with a humble desire to be able to assist others to connect with a deeper meaning and understanding in their respective lives and move towards living joyous, happy lives.

She completed her PLR Therapist Training in the year December 2007. She has done the Rebirthing Breath-work Training in May 2008, Inner Child Work in Oct 2008 and recently finished her training in Family Constellation in April 2015.

Lokanath Reddy is a Past Life Regression and Inner Child Facilitator.

Lokanath has a Master’s degree in Computer Applications (M.C.A) from Osmania University and worked as a Software Engineer for Wipro and Oracle Corporation. While working as a Software engineer he went through lot of work pressures and was unable to maintain a balance in life.

He entered into the path of spirituality and started practicing meditation from 25th May 2010. He had some fundamental questions about life like Who Am I? What is my life purpose? He couldn’t get answers for his questions in the outside world. In that search, he met Dr. Newton in 2011 and since then he started looking at life in a new way of understanding and from that moment on he took the inspiration from the master, setting a deep intention to serve humanity.

After attending the Soul Coach Training Program, Lokanath has chosen to serve humanity through Life University with full dedication. He was trained as a Spiritual Counsellor by Dr. Newton in the year 2012, since then he started giving counselling to many people from Life University.

He has been teaching meditation and spiritual science at various places. He is also a certified Yoga Instructor from Swami Vivekananda University (S-VYASA). He helps people by teaching Traditional Yoga at Life Research Academy which includes Seven Laws of Yoga and Yogasanas which help in releasing the Chakra blockages.

Lokanath has been a co-ordinator and trainer for the Soul Coach Training Program (SCTP) on behalf of Life University since the year 2012. He is a Past Life Regression and Inner Child Facilitator. He attended the Past Life Regression Training Program in the year 2014. He is also a writer for the Eternal Life Times Quarterly Magazine and the Living Wisdom Monthly Newsletter. His article on Yoga and Evolution of Consciousness was published in Indian Express Newspaper in October 2014 edition.

His passion is to help people by giving counselling, individual sessions, by giving the right knowledge to awaken their full potential, and to bring peace on this earth planet.

His passion to guide people has made him choose the path of Human Development.