Misconceptions About Past Life Regression Therapy

  • “Only the present life is relevant and past lives are not relevant to the present life.”This belief is far from the truth about past lives and their impact on the present life. Any one would agree that we are the products of all our experiences from birth till the present time. This is true not only for the present life experiences. In reality, we are the products of all our experiences carried with us from all our past lives in addition to the experiences of the present life. We contain all the energies of memory and experience of our past. We carry our soul energy with us and it is inseparable from us. It defines who we are. The purpose of past life therapy is to get rid of the negative patterns of the past which continue to affect the person’s present life.
  • “Past is past and does not affect the present.” Scientific research in the field of past lives indicates that past life memories are stored in the mind field and higher (finer) vibrational subtle energies. Past life memories are not in the past. They are here and now because we carry the memories and the effects of those lives in our energy field today and unconsciously act out of those stored beliefs and experiences.
  • “We cannot change anything through Past-Life- Regression-Therapy.”Past-Life-Regression-Therapy helps people to discover the root cause of an issue. When a person discovers the root cause of an issue, understanding flows. He or she can then begin to take steps to change a pattern or behavior that has been blocking his/her life and preventing him/her from finding true peace, happiness, and joy.
  • “The past life memories that are experienced during regression are due to the suggestions of the therapist.”Experienced and qualified past-life-regression-therapists do not give suggestions during regression. They only direct the client to seek the root cause of an issue, or the memory of the client’s present problems and situations.
  • “Everyone who has seen a past life thinks that they were a very well known personality in that life.” This is the kind of statement made by people with insignificant knowledge about past-lives. In my experience of over 14 years in the field, the large majority of people recall very ordinary lives, and remember highlights such as work, relationships, loves, marriages, births, separations, and deaths. Just as these events stand out in one’s current life, it is true that these or similar highlights are memories of one’s past life. If the experiences were the result of their own thinking, they would see mostly glamorous lifetimes but this is not the case as most lives recalled are very ordinary. Also, though it may surprise many, the happiest lifetimes reported were those of a beggar or tramp!
  • “A Therapist does not need to believe in past lives and reincarnation to do past-life-regression work or past-life-counseling work.”A therapist’s attitude, experience, understanding of metaphysical concepts and truths, and abilities with concepts of the soul’s journey can have a positive, negative, or limited influence in counseling and past-life-regression therapy. Scientific research into the nature of consciousness shows us that the therapist affects the energy field of the subject. This is in addition to the effect of the subject’s own thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. Only an experienced practitioner whose belief system is compatible with the concept of past lives should conduct past-life-regression work.Though the subject of past lives is not a religious belief, it nevertheless involves a belief system that affects the therapists’ energy field. If a subject recalls what may be a past life memory, the therapist must at least be open minded to this concept. If the therapist has unresolved programming, or strict religious beliefs that are not open to the possibility of past lives, he or she could affect the success of a subject’s regression.

    Not only a therapist’s religious and other beliefs, but also the therapist’s fears can affect a regression. For example, if the therapist is uncomfortable with the idea of the subject reaching a painful emotional experience, he or she may avoid that experience by guiding the subject to move beyond the memory or to view the experience only from an objective viewpoint. By doing so, the therapist would be losing a wonderful opportunity to make the subject actually relive the experience. “To relive is to relieve”. This is a great universal truth, which explains the therapeutic benefits of past-life-regression. That is why it is very important that the therapist should have a belief system, which is compatible with reincarnation and the immortality of the soul as this will result in the best possible benefits to the subject.

  • “Past-Life-Regression-Therapy can be done by anyone.”So can surgery, but you wouldn’t want to take that chance! It is important to go to someone who is trained and experienced in the field. One should thoroughly check the credentials and experience of the practitioner. The trust level and comfort of the client with his or her practitioner is very essential for one to be able to reach the deep levels to access the information contained in the subconscious mind.
  • “If we really had past lives,we would then remember them.”
    In reality there are many an occasion when we ‘remember’ our past lives. At times, these remembrances occur spontaneously. On many other occasions, certain external events or stimulus can act as a trigger and the memory of our past life/lives surfaces. This could happen for instance:
  1. When you meet someone for the first time but you get the uncanny feeling that you know that person extremely well.
  2. While visiting a foreign country for the first time and knowing where a building or road is.
  3. When you are in a situation and get a feeling that you have been in exactly the same situation in the past though you have no evidence of such a situation in this lifetime.
  4. When you meet a person for the first time and have an immediate feeling of lack of trust for the person.
  5. When you meet a person for the first time and you get the feeling of immense love for and emotional attachment to that person (this is commonly known as love at first sight).
  • When as child you used to have (you may still have them) memories of having lived in a different place in a different family and in different life circumstances. The narration of such experiences usually fell on deaf ears and you were gradually conditioned to believe that those past-life experiences and memories of those past-life experiences were not valid.

There are many other ways in which situations in this lifetime trigger our past-life memories. Most of us, however, are conditioned to ignore those subtle intuitive messages.