Pre and Post Convention Workshops

Pre-convention Workshop by Christine Alisa on "Past Life Therapy with Children" – 1st & 2nd August, 2012

Goals for the two days

  •  Gain an understanding of inherent differences between child and adult therapy.
  •  Learn about a process that brings positive changes in a child’s life.
  •  Experience the therapeutic process by means of triad practice.
  • Explore ways to incorporate past life therapy with children into each participants work.

Class Description

Through a discussion of child therapy practices that include Past Life Therapy, participants will hear about case studies, learn about techniques that work successfully with children and participate in hands on experiential exercises in a supportive environment.

Christine Alisa

Post-convention Workshop by Andy Tomlinson on "Incorporating Body Therapy into the Regression Practice" – 6th & 7th August, 2012

Andy Tomlinson & Reena Kumarasingham

Class Description

In line with the more physical releases sought by Wilhelm Reich, body therapy used in a past life or current life regression very frequently brings about the spontaneous dissolving of body armour, the release of blocked energy and amazingly quick healing of chronic conditions. Indeed, a striking aspect of body therapy when seen for the first time by an observer is the obvious physical involvement of the client in the story that is being relived. In many sessions the client doesn’t just sit or lie passively recounting an inner vision of a past life with his or her eyes closed. One client may clutch his chest in apparent pain recounting a sword wound, another may be seen choking while remembering being strangled, while yet another may become rigidly fixed with arms above the head while remembering being tied to a post during torture. Body therapy was developed by Roger Woolger over 25 years, and Andy who worked with him has developed many practical ways of teaching the skills to use it. This workshop will give attendees the opportunity to understand the theory of body therapy, see demonstrations, and have time to practice using it.