PLRC3 Pre Convention Workshops

Two-day workshop by Dr. Adrian Finkelstein on 15th & 16th of August, 2013

Healing through Present and Past Lives by a Practical Self-Discovery & Self-Help Spiritual Guide

Throughout the workshop Dr. Adrian will explain, demonstrate and share hands-on, his 36-year experience and professional ‘branding’ with the participants. That includes techniques such as: Inducing Rapid Deep Hypnosis; Special or Selective Amnesia Induction; Dual Hypnosis performed on two subjects sharing a present and past life; Biometric and Personality Quantification in Present-Past Lives Research and Therapy, Including Facial, Eye Expression, Iris and Other Anatomical Biometers and DNA/EMDNA (Electromagnetic DNA) as tools of reincarnation research and therapy.

Dr.Adrian Finkelstein, M.D.

Adrian Finkelstein, M.D., is a graduate of the prestigious Menninger School of Psychiatry, Board Certified Psychiatrist, Former Psychiatry Professor at Chicago Medical School, University of Health Sciences, Rush University and School of Medicine and UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles), Former Chief of Outpatient Department of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Chicago, and winner of two national distinguished awards from two topnotch national medical institutions: Central Neuropsychiatric Association and the Menninger School of Psychiatry, for his outstanding and groundbreaking research work on mind over matter. He is a spiritual healer, teacher, author, researcher, speaker and world-class expert in past-life regression therapy over the past 36 years and has appeared for his professional work in CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Television-Geraldo at Large, BBC, GM TV UK, Japanese TV, Coast-to-Coast Radio, W-Radio and many other TV and radio media; featured big on front page in Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Boston Globe, Sunday Telegraph, and many other publications; praised for his book: Marilyn Monroe Returns: the Healing of a Soul by Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal.

Two-day workshop by Andy Tomlinson on 15th & 16th of August, 2013

Using Body Therapy in Past and Current Life Regression

Body memories can be created by one traumatic incident or accumulated over a period of time. A child who lives in fear of being hit by violent parents may learn to cringe, twist their head away and put their hands in the air in protection. If this continues, the threats of violence activate the muscles of the body until the muscles ‘learn’ this posture subconsciously. The child will be permanently on the alert so the fear remains locked in their organism together with chronically raised shoulders, twisted head, and tight nervous stomach.

Andy Tomlinson

This holding pattern over the years can degenerate into a fixed posture. The inability to resolve the situation results in a frozen body memory. In line with the more physical releases sought by Wilhelm Reich, body therapy used in a past life or current life regression very frequently brings about the spontaneous dissolving of body armour, the release of blocked energy and amazingly quick healing of chronic conditions. Body therapy was developed by Roger Woolger over 25 years, and Andy who worked with him has developed many practical ways of teaching the skills to use it. This workshop is for qualified past life and regression therapists and will give attendees the opportunity to understand the theory of body therapy, see demonstrations, and have time to practice using it.

Andy Tomlinson is a qualified psychotherapist and past life explorer, and also the director of training for the Past Life Regression Academy. He is the author of the books, Healing the Eternal Soul and Exploring the Eternal Soul that covers his personal research working with past lives and soul memories between lives. He is also the editor of Transforming the Eternal Soul a new book on advanced techniques that can be used with regression therapy. He is a founding member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and the European Association of Regression Therapy. He is known for his absorbing and entertaining talks.